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Collaborators and colleagues

Weecology lab

Monarda citrodora, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, OK

Mike Palmer

Allen Hurlbert

Ethan White

Xiao Xiao

Ken Locey

Katy Purdic

Cody Hinchliff

Statistical Analysis

R programming wikibook

The Ordination Webpage

Jack Weiss’s Statistics Lectures: 145 and 563

Seminar Series

UNC Lunch Bunch seminar series schedule

UNC Ecology Curriculum seminar series schedule

UNC Biology seminar series

NESCent seminar series

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences sponsored science talks

Data Links

Ecological Data Portal – an ambitious and exciting effort to share ecological data

Birds of North America

USGS Breeding Bird Survey

PLANTS database

US Tree Species Range Maps


Global Population Dynamics Database


Jabberwocky – ecology, science, academia

The Portal Project – long-term research in desert ecology

Deep-Sea News – ecology, marine organisms, environmental issues

R bloggers – aggregate feed of about 100 different R blogs

Eat More cookies –  natural history with a bias towards birds


R Color Chart – check out the pdf on this page for the full named R color template, helpful for making those graphs pretty!

Color Schemes Appropriate for Scientific Data Graphics  – the R package dichromat provides easy access to these schemes

Color Brewer – helps to choose pleasing color schemes for graphics, see the related R package: RColorBrewer

Color Scheme Designer – same as above, use the output RGB values on this website with the R function ‘rgb()’ to bring the colors into your graphics

Science Photo – decent source for science images for presentations – medium size images are typically free with a watermark

Making Maps

Map Projections by Peter H. Dana

Map Projections in Java – once loaded this interactive java applet visually demonstrates how projections differ from the true spherical earth

Map Projections advice from the USGS – has a lot of good information and a nice table that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of many projections

Other cool stuff

Bird Song Mnemonics

Scale of the Universe

e! Science News

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Physics Flashlets